Frontiers Legacy – Front

Frontiers Legacy – Rear

The new Frontiers Legacy diffusers constitute the beginning and the target in the sound history signed by Pathos. The Pathos Loudspeakers section, which considers dipolar emission a state-of-the-art for the listening sensation, was capable to go beyond dipolar, remaking it with its technologies and geometries.

Thus, the Research and Development Department entrusted its inner resources with the design to obtain exclusive sound perfection. After a decade of testing, Frontiers is the leading and proud model of Pathos Loudspeakers.

Frontiers, beyond hearing

Although the spatial perception of the Frontiers range is unique, seeing is believing. Try it, after all when you sit down in front of a Pathos Loudspeaker product, you will not use only your ears; with Frontiers, we see the skin of the kettledrum, we perceive the hammer felt on the piano wire, we distinguish the key of the woodwind pulled down. The diffuser itself beats, it shakes, and it trembles as something alive, conceived to create the sound wave, not to reproduce it. The materials and the structure constitute a body that harmonizes perfectly in all its parts, which is something that turns to make the diffuser all in one with the listening room.

Thanks to its particular geometry of variable sound emission, the listener becomes absorbed in a living system that holds and discloses a new way of seeing music. Through the innovative technology SST of its dipolar diffusers, the influence of the listening space is minimized, improving especially the spatial atmosphere of the room with a little predisposition to sound reproduction and returning consequently the sound image in three-dimension. That way, the sound becomes an image. Thus, hearing is not the only sense involved in the experience.

Sound Set tecnology

Four compartments make the diffuser brought together in a single cabinet. Tasked to reproduce low-range sound, the woofer is in the lower part, while in the rear, in an independent compartment, the middle-high unit is positioned. Another similar middle-high unit is located in the front part but assembled in a cabinet in an axis with the bass and capable to rotate horizontally. Once the placement of the diffusers takes place in a manner that the realistic space sensation of the sound scene is recreated, you use the moving middle-high units like two satellites by referencing the listening point.

This technology called Sound Set Technology allows creating of an atmosphere easy to be customized and a sound scene always perfectly precise and extraordinarily profound in every environment. Once you find the right place, the diffusers disappear to create a sound stage that stands beyond the physical position of the speakers. Positioning is not enough. The possibility to orient freely front-rear emissions enables us to obtain different results according to the surroundings. Therefore, the sound takes concrete shapes; sources cancel and multiply themselves, giving birth to all the elements of an orchestra, or simply, your favorite ensemble. For the first time in a stereo system, sound timbres no more appear only unbelievably distinct, but concrete in space.

Specifiche tecniche

Pathos Legacy

TipoDa pavimento
CaricoBass reflex, bipolare
N. vieTre, più una posteriore
Potenza minima50W
Inpedenza6 Ohm
Frequenza di crossover250 – 5000
Risposta di frequenza28 – 25000
Altoparlanti anteriori4wf 210, 2md 16,5, 1tw
PosterioreLarga banda 16,5
Dimensioni33 x 215 x 63 cm


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