Logos by Pathos
Logos MKII
Logos by Pathos

Close to the spirit that has animated since its origin has always been involved in the search for new solutions and improvement of its machines for Music.

E with this approach that Pathos after more than ten years after the introduction of the integrated Pathos Logos presents its evolution MKII.

Pathos is not usual to introduce updated versions of its models except in the presence of substantial and meaningful new ideas to offer its loyal customers and in general to all lovers of good music.

Indeed behind the usual original design the new Logos MKII hide the introduction of a series of new solutions some thinked in order to further enhance the sound of the amplifier and others to meet the demand for versatility and practicality that a demanding clientele pretends that is also present in a high-end device.

Care for details

As regards the first kind of solutions adopted in the new Logos we find an increased voltage of anodic polarization of the valves in order to optimize the working point of the same and obtain greater linearity and thus a general improvement of the sound in particular an increase of the consistency and definition.

Stabilized power supply for preamp valve and a more accurate collocation of electrolytic capacitors throughout the signal path (and in particular close to each mosfet) allow to have a valuable reserve of “quick energy” that while listening they mean better dynamics, detail and sense of rhythm.

Logos by Pathos open

A comfortable listening

Numerous innovations also regarding the practicality of use that they assist pleasantly the owner in the use of the amplifier, we find: volume levels can be stored for each input, the gain differentiation between digital and analog inputs so as to ensure homogeneity of the a level between the different sources used, standby function from the remote control respectful of energy consumption limits imposed by the latest EEC regulations,

Logos by Pathos

Digital music

The ability to have an optional high quality DAC 32bit-384Khz integrated into the device enriches the set of connections with the addition of 2 SPIDF digital inputs and 1 USB type B for computers input, which allow a really meaningful versatility in the management of digital sources and let Logos MkII stand as an ideal amplifier for the use of digital Music.

Expected snags!

A new protection has also been implemented against short circuits and overloads by a “Hall” effect sensor that allows the device to protect itself against shorts caused by speakers and by internal malfunctions, preserving in this case also the speakers and at the same time without diminishing the quality of the musical signal.


Logos is a hybrid amplifier of 110W per channel into 8 ohms and 220W into 4 ohms with ECC88 preamp valves, end-stage class A / B Mosfet strongly polarized, fully balanced signal until the valve that allows you to take full advantage of a balanced source as Pathos Digit and Pathos Endorphin, volume control purely resistive analog circuitry with digital control and input and output impedance constant, lamellar transformer resin and encapsulated to zero dispersions, brightness display adjustable and all functions remote controlled.

Tecnical specifications

Logos Rear

Lògos mkII

TypeIntegrated stereo amplifier, Hybrid technology. Preamplifier stage Tube (2×6922 ECC88), class A Final stage; Mosfet, class AB
Output Power2×110 W RMS@8Ohm (Both channel driven)
Frequency response5Hz – 140KHz ± 0,5dB
Max input voltage6V RMS
Input sensitivity500mV RMS (39dB Gain)
Input impedance32KOhm unbalanced, 20KOhm balanced
Output polarityNon- inverting. Balanced pin 2 +
Volume regulatorBurr Brown PGA2310 (100 steps)
Damping Factor360@8Ohm
THD0,02% @ 1W; 0,2% @ 110W
S/N Ratio>90dB
Power requirements200W @ 100WPC / 130W @ zero volume < 0,5W@standby
Analogue inputs2 balanced XRL line, 5 unbalanced RCA line
Digital inputsInstallation of (optional) HiDac Mk2 board is required to enable these inputs
1 USB port type “B” for PC, 2 SPDIF coaxial
DriverDisponibili per Windows; sistemi Mac e Linux non necessitano di Driver
Outputs1 Pre out stereo line, 1 sub out mono line
Amplifier420mm (D) x 430mm (W) x 170mm (H)
Packed600mm (D) x 600mm (W) x 350mm (H)
Weight (net / packed)28Kg / 30Kg

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