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Pathos introduces the new integrated amplifier with patented InPoL technology: InPoL Legacy


As Heritage was meant to be a tribute to the work of Gianni Borinato, co-founder of Pathos, a heartfelt acknowledgment of his innovations and contributions to the world of audiophiles, similarly InPoL Legacy represents the ideal legacy of Gaetano Zanini, co-founder, and owner of Pathos.

A superb design, the ultimate in Pathos technology packed into an integrated amplifier,
which takes the listening philosophy developed over 25 years by the company to extremes,
both in terms of component choice and the absolute performance of this masterpiece.

We have not set limits

At Pathos, we set ourselves an ambitious goal: to make the best Pathos integrated amplifier ever, one that would match, if not surpass, the InPower and Adrenalin power amplifiers.

In designing the new InPoL Legacy, we, therefore, set no limits on ourselves – primarily concerning weight and size, which we have previously tried to limit.

The result is greater grit, never abrupt but well controlled. Large excursions in intensity are sensitive to the smallest variations: compared to other Pathos amplifiers, InPoL Legacy can boast greater dynamics and a full, complete, defined sound. 

The Pathos listening philosophy is expressed in the soft, smooth, fatigue-free sound.  We have also improved the nuances by choosing excellent quality components without any compromise.

The heart of the InPoL Legacy is the patented dual InPoL technology, in  bridged configuration,  combined with a tube stage.

InPoL soul

InPoL® (Linear Pump Follower) was created to develop an amplification stage without feedback, with limited distortion and a satisfactory attenuation factor. 

For this purpose it has beenused a single solid-state component in follower confguration, with hypothetical voltage gain = 1 and with high current gain.

The polarization is pure class A to avoid crossover distortion.  InPoL technology allows the theoretical pure class A efficiency to be increased from 25% to 50%.

The dual InPoL configuration allows increased power while containing circuit size. The amplifier is fully balanced, resulting in a significant reduction in noise and distortion.
The tubes voltage amplification characterizes the sound of InPoL amplifiers, as rich, warm, and never tiring.  

Technical features

InPoL Legacy is a fully balanced dual-mono amplifier. The power supply comes from Adrenalin and InPower, with one capacitive inductive filter per channel. The two toroidal power transformers are the largest we have ever made. While we have always previously limited the size and weight of the amplifiers, in this case, we set no limits.

Like the entire InPoL Legacy structure, the tube power supply is separate, with a toroidal transformer for each channel. The tubes are in a totem pull configuration, using 2 x ECC803s TungSol and 1 x 6H30 per channel. All power supplies are stabilized, filtered, and dissipated The excellent quality wiring is shielded.

The 100-step passive volume is adjusted by low-noise precision resistors using insulated relay switches. Input and output connections are Neutrik and WBT. InPoL Legacy weighs 140 kg. To let move and install it easily, Pathos engineers designed a special packaging with wheels. 

InPoL Legacy is provided also of a set of brackets which eases to lift the amplifier and put it on the cabinet. Since not all cabinets can support such weight, Pathos designed a dedicated cabinet for InPoL Legacy.

InPoL Legacy, the ultimate Pathos integrated amplifier.

Technical specification

InPoL Legacy

TypeReference stereo integrated amplifier Pure class A
– double INPOL technology – fully balanced
Tubes4 x ECC803 tung-sol
2 X 6H30 Sovtek
Output power2 x 100W@ 8 Ohm
Frequency response2Hz – 100KHz ± 0.5db
Max input voltage10VRMS
Input sensitivity700mVRMS
THD0,02% @1W 1KHz
0,5% @100W 1KHz
S/N Ratio> 97dB
Gain31 db Unbalanced 25 db Balanced
Analog inputs3 balanced XRL line, 3 unbalanced RCA line
Dimensions500mm (W) X 880 (D) X 300mm (H)
Net Weight:140Kg


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